Art against rassism

Art against rassism: a youth approach

Project period: 8.01 – 8.07.2022

The Youth meeting gathered 24 young people, aged between 14 and 19 years old and speaking various languages as mother tongue: Estonian (8 young people), Russian (8 young people), English, Kurdish and other languages (8 young people), all living in Estonia and studying at TKG, Tallinn European School, International School of Tallinn, Habersti Vene Gümnaasium, etc. This was an opportunity for young people to meet, to practice languages, to discover new cultures by communicating with each other, spending time together and being involved in different art activities and workshops.

The project was conceived, written and implemented by 3 students from 11th grade of TKG. For the project purpose a partnership with French Institute from Estonia was established.

The project was with the financial support of the Youth and Education Department – Harno.


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