KA210-SCH – Small-scale partnerships in school education “Parents’ School“

Project Reference: 2021-2-EE01-KA210-SCH-000049502 https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/projects/search/details/2021-2-EE01-KA210-SCH-000049502

Project period: 2 years, 1.03.2022 – 1.03.2024

Project partners

Project applicant and coordinator Tallinna Kunstigümnaasium


  1. MFR de Moissac, France
  2. Integrierte Gesamtschule Ludwigshafen Gartenstadt, Germany


The aim of the Parents’ school project is to involve parents, specifically targeting families whose native language is different from the majority of the population in their respective country, in the school life in order to help them:

  • get acquainted with the school reality and increase their competence in the national language,
  • engage in the school life and gain an increased sense of initiative,
  • understand and manage certain conflict situations involving their children.

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