PYP – Primary Year Program


The TKG IB branch offers project based approach through transdisciplinary teaching and learning following the IB PYP curriculum. It means that students learn big concepts in mixed age level and subject groups. Our goal is to equip students with a wider understanding of the topics. Project based learning started in TKG eight years ago and it has proven to be a beneficial and interesting approach to learning for the students. The knowhow will be brought to the IB branch and merged with IB PYP curriculum. Since we expect to have the students who are still developing reading and writing, math skills, they will have separate additional classes with their age group students to develop mentioned skills. In addition, we consider social-emotional learning* as an inseparable part of teaching and learning. We aim to create a learning environment where students from an early age gain self-management and lifelong learning skills. Learning will be taken outside of the classroom – with its direct and indirect meaning – therefore, the weekly timetable will include one day outside of school learning experience. 

*Social-emotional learning –  It is a process by which people acquire and put into practice a variety of social, emotional, and associated abilities, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that support and guide pupils. In order to help kids achieve academically, this involves their ideas, feelings, and behaviors. 

We will apply for IB PYP candidacy status in early spring of 2024. 

Foreign languages 

Estonian language and culture – offered as a host country language from grade 1
German/French – based on the availability of teacher


Lessons are divided into 60 – 75 minute intervals.
Lessons start at 9:00 and end 13:25

Lesson allocations 

I – 9:00 – 10:15
II – 10:25- 11:25
Lunch – 11:25- 12:00
Recess – 12:00 -12:25
III – 12:25 – 13:25
After care – 13: 15 – 17.00


Initial educational space is separate from the TKG building and is located in Kalamaja district, Tööstuse 1, 10413 Tallinn. Parents are expected to bring children to Tööstuse 1 and come for them at the same address. However, sometimes learning can take place in Tallinna Kunstigümnaasium building, Kopli 102a and only teacher will ensure the relocation of the students. 

Admission process:

1. Write to for your interest of enrollment
2. Bring your child for the interview on the agreed time 
3. You will hear from us regarding the admission results
4. You can request trial day at school before the official admission

Who can apply?
Short answer – anyone and everyone. TKG student or not, Estonian or international, you are welcome to our school.  

Support from parents 

Despite TKG being a public school, we expect support from the parents as government funding does not cover the full costs to maintain the school and program. Support is needed to cover implementation and maintenance of the IB educational service, maintenance of the learning process, including field trips and purchasing of learning materials. After care, including interest based activities and lunch is offered with a fee. For more information contact 

Fees for after care:

Full time – €150
Half time – €100 (no more than 8 hours per week)


Lunch will be ordered at TKG catering with consideration of the needs of the child’s daily ratio of nutrition for €2,50 per day (€500 for the whole school year). 

Pupils can bring their own food from home and eat it in the canteen.